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Mystery Dorm 2 is a freeware mystery-exploration game made in RPG Maker MV.

It is the second game in the Mystery Dorm Series.

This game focus on a female college student named Mizuha who has no friend in her college. Because a rumor, everyone at college and her class ignored she. Even for the final project, she was rejected by her classmates.

One night, she went to study room at her dorm to do her project. Because the people in study room are noisy, she left the study room and then she entered an old dorm next to her dorm just to use the study room in that building. Before that, she met one man in front of the old dorm that warned her not to enter the building. Instead, she ignored him and continue to enter the old dorm then she enters the study room.

Suddenly, the whole room blackout and she found out that she is now in another unknown room. Her final project also disappears. Help her to find her project and a way to get out the dorm.

This game has 3 different endings.


Z- Interact/Confirm
X- Cancel/Access Menu Screen
Arrow Keys- Move
Left Shift- Run

Mystery Dorm Official Website:

Install instructions

1.Download game Mystery dorm 2 v2.1705.zip

2.Extract zip file

3.Select Mystery Dorm 2.exe to launch game


Mystery Dorm 2 v2.1707.zip

Development log


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Another pretty neat game, nice stuff.