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Mystery Dorm is a freeware mystery-exploration game made in RPG Maker MV .

Zul is a student at Muadzam Shah High School. One day, his teacher gave him homework and demand it to be submitted the next day. At night, he went to study room to finish his homework.After a few minutes he felt tired and fell asleep. But suddenly the lights are switched off and all students in the dorm gone missing, except him.After that, he met one mystery man and asked him what happened.That man do not know what happened but he told Zul to get out of dorm .To find out what happened and to get out of the dorm, Zul have to find clues and keys.


1) Arrow Keys

-Move Character or you can use mouse to move by click a place that you want to go

2) Escape Key

- Open Item Menu, Cancel

3)Enter Key

-Talk, Check, Confirm

4) F5 Key-Reset (Forcibly return to the title)

5) Saving

Progress can be saved by checking tables with a feather and paper and open notebook.

More information

Published253 days ago
Release date252 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Horror, mouse-and-keyboard, Mystery, Puzzle-Platformer, RPGMaker
Average durationAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

1.Download game Mystery dorm.zip

2.Extract zip file

3.Select game.exe to launch game


Mystery Dorm.zip (121 MB)


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Mystery Dorm II



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Update v8.0 28/10/2016

-Final Update of Mystery Dorm

-Bug Fix

-Dialog grammar was fixed

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Update v7.5

-New Busts Character like anime

-new BGM

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Update v7.3 -14/8/2016

- New BGM

- Fix minor bug

-New Start Screen

-Add Social Media and Website Button

the download link through IGS doesn't seem to work anymore

the download link through IGS was fixed

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Update version 7.2

-New Bgm music

-fix minor bug

Update v7.0 - 5/6/2016

Update v6.5.1 24/5/2016:

my first develop game